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Quilt Now magazine

This month I've been fortunate to have one of my quilted cushion covers featured in Quilt Now magazine (Issue 35 - never mind reading this, go and buy it ;-) )

The opportunity came about through meeting Katy, the editor, at the weekly sew in evening at Simply Solids.

Getting the cushion published reaffirmed a few things; firstly if you don't ask you don't get, secondly, it's not what you know but who you know and lastly the worst somebody can say is no.

I've has loads of positive feedback on Instagram about the article and I'm hoping that when it goes into shops I might get some more interest in my quilts and perhaps a few additional followers on IG.

I'm not really sure what I'm hoping being featured will lead but you never know and if nothing else it's nice to see something you've made in print (or online) for fellow quilters to see.

I'm really pleased with how the cushion looks and think that Katy and the team have done a wonderful job with the styling.

I also have to thank Bailey for taking the picture of me for the article, he has of course negotiated a percentage fee for the photo credit......

I'm definitely going to submit some more of my work and ideas to different magazines etc.

I've included some larger photos of the cushion below so you can see the method used to create the cushion.

i'd definitely encourage people to visit their local quilting shop, you never know where it'll lead and I would also encourage more people to share their work.

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