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This is a mini quilt made as a leaving gift for a friend. It's also a practice piece for my Festival of Quilts entry 2017. Feedback last year suggested not enough quilting, which on reflection was probably fair enough.

I've used a few different techniques in this piece;

Portholes; usually I'd do these round or just a bit wonky but for this piece I wanted to try a new shape and include a couple of colours. Not hugely happy with the shape but I like certain aspects of it.

Free Motion Quilting; I've done some straight line quilting and a bit of free motion inside the flat shapes. I think this has worked pretty well and will contniue  to work on this technique.

The quilt is hand bound and my corners are getting better.... other feedback from FOQ 16 was that my finishing could do with some attention, which again was fair enough.

For the back I've pieced together a variety of fabrics from my ever expanding fabric stash.

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