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In print! again....

The last couple of months have seen me be fortunate enough to be published again in a couple of magazines.

This time my work was in Reloved (a magazine about recycling) and Pretty Patches - a more traditional patchwork magazine. It ended up in both as they are sister mags and it enabled them to split the fee and get something for both mags.

To get into the magazine I sent my trusty luck mini quilt sample to the editor with a brief covering note explaining who I was and what my work is about.

For this quilt I used my usual technique but also used some plain blocks from an old denim shirt to break up the overall pattern. I thought that the overall effect would still look good but not be quite as full on as my usual style.

I also used a more restrained colour palette and tried to achieve a more washed out faded look with my choice of pale pink, blue and yellow.

I was nervous about making something for a magazine as I wanted it to look great and get good feedback but ultimately if they didn't like it then they don't have to use it.

I was very pleased to see the end result and think it looks great! I hope that the readers like it and that somebody has a go at making the quilt.

As per my last post I think that if you want to get your work into magazines then propose something that means something to you and that you have an opinion about, My advice (but do bear in mind I've only been in three magazines) would be to come up with your own ideas and submit them, not much point copying what's already out there.... It also seems to me that magazine editors need content and that you've got nothing to lose!

The good news is that Reloved have now asked me to do something for their Christmas issues and that I've also got a commission to do something for Australian quilting magazine Make Modern. I'll post something about that nearer the time.

Now I've seen my quilts in a magazine I'd love to have a book.... maybe one day!

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